We are a Socially Responsible Company
Social Responsibility at Tecnolite is a way of being for the company: we define it as a culture that is institutionalized through strategies that link practices and procedures to a coherent system and that contributes to the economic, social and environmental fields, in order to achieve common welfare and sustainability, taking into account all of our stakeholders.

Our goal is to form better citizens with social values and a conscious, ethical and consistent organizational culture with socially responsible actions.

Stakeholders With whom we have main contact

  • Our collaborators and their families
  • Shareholders
  • Communities in which we operate
  • Retailers and costumers
  • Suppliers
  • Professional business partners
  • Government agencies
  • Helen Keller School and other NPOs
  • The environment

How do we manage CSR at Tecnolite?

There is a CSR coordination and committee formed by collaborators who are in charge of implementing and improving Tecnolite’s CSR plans.

Some of our CSR practices

  • Yearly environmental culture campaigns
  • Green day (reforestation)
  • Sustainable, NOM certified products
  • Great work environment
  • Constant training
  • In-kind donations to NPOs
  • Training for retailers and partners
  • Long-term supplier relations
  • Lighting projects focused on sustainability and design
  • Truthful marketing
  • Corporate volunteering
  • Construction of the new Helen Keller School facilities

Learn about our most important Social Development Project!

The construction of the most modern school for the visually impaired in Mexico
Tecnolite chose this cause because, beyond the children’s visual impairment, through this project we can light their lives and their families’, and it’s clear they light ours every day.

ecno Lite is currently helping fund Helen Keller Coeducational School for the Integral Development of the Blind, that schools visually impaired children and youth in Guadalajara.

Goals and Values

  • Providing educational services to visually impaired children and any one displaying other related disabilities in the levels of initial education, preschool and elementary school, contemplating comprehensively the cognitive, socioemotional and spiritual areas.
  • Stimulating the integration of preschool and elementary school students to regular schools.
Go to Helen Keller School website

Resource registration

Through this register we are looking to direct the resources and/or strategies that are in our possibilities at the moment, as well as defining if our forms of support are viable for your organization according to your needs.

*Filling out the form does not ensure support or donations.
*The CSR Managing Committee is in charge of evaluating, picking and contacting the NPOs.

To start the registration, you should meet the following requirements in case of reaching an agreement of donation or a collaborative project:

  • Being a legally constituted Non-profit Organization.
  • Writing a letter elaborating on the reasons for the request and specifying how will the donations be used.
  • Issuing receipts for charitable donations.
  • Making a contract in which mutual agreements and commitments are established, detailing the project’s methodologies and schedules.

Register fiscal information:

Select the type of support you want:

Notes the main findings and / or awards received in the last year:

Diagnostic notes, certificates, awards or affiliations those that have:

Your CA has facilities, schools, administrative offices
Describe them: * Size, number of classrooms and offices. Addresses if different locations.