Tecnolite is a company with more than 25 years in the lighting market in Mexico and other countries of Central and South America, during which it has constantly optimized its operational processes and products offered.

Tecnolite’s catalogue, comprising around 900 items, satisfies savings, efficiency and lighting needs, in tune with the latest architectural trends and the quality standards demanded internationally by the sector’s norms.

All products are strictly tested for quality to ensure their excellent performance and efficiency.

Tecnolite determines the specs and characteristics of each product and relies on quality assurance teams and offices both in Mexico and abroad to certify suppliers and carry out final inspections in order to guarantee their quality.

Tecnolite product tests

The quality assurance department, in addition to all the tests and inspections performed throughout the manufacturing process, has cutting-edge technology equipment to test various aspects of different product lines, among which are the following:
Salt spray test It is used for outdoors luminaries to check their resistance to the elements, by pumping salt mist for 48 hours, simulating the product’s exposure to humidity, wind or heat for long periods of time. In this way, we can determine how much will the product endure the effects of the environment.
Lifespan test It involves turning the light bulbs on and off repeatedly according to a program and applying voltage variations to check their resistance and quality. By doing so, we can assure that the real lifespan of a light bulb meets their specs.
Integrating sphere test The integrating sphere works on high technology and sends all the information regarding a light bulb to a computer through a sensor. It is used to measure the light bulbs’ photometric parameters, such as luminous flux, efficiency, color rendering index, power factor, current, voltage and real power. In doing this we can compare the real results with the nominal ones labeled on the package.
Certification test Se envían varias muestras de productos a los laboratorios de certificación para obtener los certificados NOM de éstos.


Power efficiency and safety requirements for compact fluorescent lamps. Limits and testing methods.

Luminous efficiency for light-emitting diodes (LED) integrated for general lighting. Limits and testing methods.

Electrical products. Luminaries for indoor and outdoor use. Safety specs and testing methods.

Electrical products. Safety specs.

Electrical products. Safety requirements for gas-discharge lamp ballasts. Safety specs.

Tecnolite Warranty

Due to all the quality assurance processes used by Tecnolite, it is possible to ensure the excellent performance of its products and, therefore, offers you the following warranties: 2 years warranty.

3 years warranty

1 year warranty.

3 years warranty.

Tecnolite Quality Services

Tecnolite provides custom advice for customers to solve their doubts regarding the application and operation of the products.

From January 2nd 2015, our returns and warranty department will be relocated to:
Av. de las Cañadas #900 Bodega 3
Bosques de San Isidro
Zapopan, Jal 45133
Phone: (33) 3636-7608
(33) 3365-4002